No Where Else and Beyond

The Game, the Engine, the Legacy

The Game

NEAB was originally a free to play multiplayer game you could play through your browser. It began very small and grew to a game full of features and with a great community. Eventually it shut down and the players scattered. This new version is a new begining for the game. It is not meant to replace the old game or be a part two. It is the flagship game for the engine which has been new and improved.

The game is still being built and I hope to have a alpha version up before the end of the year. I am building it as I build features for the engine. I will be sending out alpha invites to those that have made themselves known on the forums and email. The game is centered around a player run community and world. THe world you play in lives and breathes by the community. Most if not all of the game will be built by the players. THis includes player owned shops, houses, land, and towns. Players will also build nearly every inventory item by crafting. There are only base items and to survive the harsh world the players must imprvove their equipment. There will also be player auctions and player run shops for selling and trading these new and improved items.


The engine behind the game is being updated as well as enhanced. I am adding lots of new features to go along with the player run world theme. The engine will also be sold complete so that you may build your own games off of it.
The engine is meant to be well documented and easy to use so that owners can quickly and easily get their own games up and running as well as use it as an educational tool for development.


You can contact me directly at or follow me on social media. Definitely join our forums from the link below. These are my game development forums which has a section for NEAB